No Depression

"Compelling...Catchy, carefully crafted story songs about people whose lives are running off the rails"

 "A Scandal in the Violets is one of the best Americana albums of the year so far."

The Big Takeover -

"There’s echoes of the obvious greats like Dylan and John Prine in [Michael Leonard Witham's] music, but unlike the hordes of copycats, Witham really sounds like the real deal. He’s a musician’s musician, and his music has the feeling of the kind of stuff future songwriters will be citing as a key influence, not unlike Dylan or Prine. It’s impossible to tell what the future will hold, of course, but A Scandal in the Violets has all the makings of a classic album, and if not, the stepping stones towards a future masterpiece."

SYNC Magazine

"There’s a timeless quality to the songs of A Scandal in the Violets as Witham blends folk and Americana with rock ’n’ roll and country over the course of the 10 tracks. Characters worthy of short stories reveal themselves as Witham sings of their troubles and triumphs, and his own, in his dusty voice, which is full of raw ache when needed and soaring elation elsewhere.  Witham is no product of studio wizardry. His tunes are barebones, sometimes brutal, sometimes gorgeous. These tracks are honest, workingman’s music. Tunes a Prine or Van Zandt would be proud of. Steve Earle, too."

HEAR Magazine

"Similar to the comparisons (Jack White, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams), Witham has that poignant songwriting ability, which could carry him atop of the many artists participating within this folk/country revival."

NeuFutur Magazine

"Witham is able to create hit after hit on "A Scandal In The Violets.  Imagine hints of Conor Oberst, Rufus Wainwright, and Billy Joel all rolled in to one"

Sound And Silence

"Michael Leonard Witham has successfully introduced himself as one of the elite songwriters in folk music with his debut record A Scandal In The Violets."